Monday, 26 May 2014

A mandala moment or two or five??

I have loved making these.. I saw them on Lucy's blog she is coordinating them for Yarndale in Skipton on the last weekend in September.
I booked up in a B&B when I first heard about it..
She only wants one person and that they are only 7 inches across and stiffened with white PVA glue on the back. So the one I am sending to her is the little pastel coloured one. She has lots of info on her blog and some super pictures of mandalas plus loads of patterns to get you started.
But be warned.... they are very addictive!! I am making us another two as I though a group of five on our conservatory wall would be just right!
So I am off to start crocheting another one or two... of I might even make a few more than two.
I can't stop!LOL
PS And many thank yous for all your lovely comments on the wedding photo, I think we all scrubbed up well! It was a lovely, lovely day.


Vickie said...

So neat!

Anne said...

Yay Chris! I'm stitching a mandala too to send to her!! I'm about halfway through one. Yours look great and so colourful! Did you use cotton? I'm having a hard time finding any bright cotton to buy.

Penny said...

Colorful, and I can see how they might be addicting. :)

cucki said...

So beautiful x
Hugs ❤️

Julie said...

They look fabulous.

butterfly said...

Well done Chris they are so pretty.

Sarah in Stitches said...

These are so pretty! I love the teal and purple one in the back :D