Thursday, 15 May 2014

A little progress

I have really neglected my blog but I have been extremely busy.

I have just stitched a little of this but have done other things that because they are gifts and an exchange, I  can't show those now.
As well as that we have had some glorious sunshiny days and the garden has taken priority

All my hard work is beginging to show and the seedlings I have tendered so carefully are now beginning to flower.. roll on summer!!
Happy days All



Beth said...

Your garden looks beautiful chris!

Justine said...

Your garden is looking lovely! I like the look of your new start, is it a Lizzie Kate?

Vickie said...

Lookin' great Chris! I am trying to get garden work done. So hard with the pain.

cucki said...

Sweet *•*
Hugs x

KimM said...

Looks so lovely. Take care -

Von said...

Your garden is so pretty!! It's worth all the time and energy you've put into it. :)

Lovely stitching too!

aimee said...

Don't feel bad about the lack of blogging! At this time of the year, being outside enjoying God's creation is definitely a priority:)

Leslie: said...

Your garden is so colourful and beautiful. Ours is shaping up now and we have some hanging baskets of fuschias and other flowers plus the lilies are getting ready to bud. Lorne is building a sort of greenhouse at the side of the house that's the sunniest for his specialty tomatoes, too. We are now a married couple as of May 1st and my last name is now Welsh again - Evans. Hope you're all doing well.