Monday, 24 February 2014

A glorious morning on the beach.

Before I was even dressed this morning my lovely DH said... 'Let's go to Southend,' The sun is glorious today and warm, temps reached 17°C.  We stopped and had a coffee sitting outside looking across the Thames estuary.  It was so warm, we had to remove our scarfs and gloves and as it is February,  Nell could go on the beach... so we did!
As soon as we got onto  the sand she started to jump up and nose DH hand, because we always play 'fetch' on a beach and she was expecting us to have a ball. And we didn't, we hadn't thought of taking one. Boo-hoo
So I think we best keep one in the car for another time. How clever of her,  as it is over a year since she has played  'fetch' on a beach!
Instead she did her rolling and her twisting round in the sand getting sandy, so she still enjoyed herself and raced and raced around us.
And after chasing some seagulls, she was wet as well sandy!
Like us she loves the beach.
It was so lovely to walk along, the air was fresh, and the sun shone.
I loved every minute of it.. if we didn't have eye tests booked for this afternoon we would have stayed longer.
It has made me hungry for sunny days and summer!
Hope where ever you are, you too have weather like this.
Happy days indeed.


Mii Stitch said...

Awww it really looks like Nell had a great time at the beach :)

Vickie said...

Glad to see you all can enjoy the weather. Hope all goes well with the eye doctor.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely day and Nell is gorgeous!

Julie said...

What a wonderful day, I'm a little jealous of your beach trip....roll on my hols.

Leslie: said...

This brings to mind the time I visited and you took me there. It was very windy that, I recall. But what a gorgeous beach! Does Nell swim? In contrast, Lorne took Tegan to the dog park where she jumped and rolled in the snow! Yes, snow! We don't usually get snow, and our daffodils have already sprouted so it's very unusual. She is now asleep beside me as I await my students. So different types of days, but still fun for our loved ones. :D

aimee said...

I am SO happy to see you made it to the beach with your pup! I LOVE the beach and always enjoy seeing other bloggers visits to their sandy places:)

Annette-California said...

Very lovely day you had at the beach. Hope all went well with the eye appts. Yes we have weather like that now. That's California for you. love Annette

Anonymous said...

she sure is having fun.. and I love the mittens you had here too. they look warm cept for finger part but a lot do wear them around here for diff things. job well done .......... love Marge