Saturday, 27 July 2013

Look what we have grown!

Our veg patch has done us proud this year and we have already harvested, strawberries and made jam;eaten an awful lot of chard, spinach, mixed salad leaves, radish, cougettes and our first tomatoes.
We will dug some of our potatoes this coming week and although it is difficult to see in the photo we have sweet corn up to the sky and squash to come.
As well as carrots and cabbage still growing.
The beans are doing well at last, as I was a bit slow starting them off in the green house and then slugs got to some before I did!!LOL

All this with extra pots and bags in a garden that's not that big.. it was just tumpy grass, a rotten shed and a monstrous concrete garage set in the middle in 2001 when I bought the house.. But with hard work and bought in soil we have this lovely and productive piece of heaven which we sit in every day

Happy Days


Lana said...

I envy people who can garden like this! I wish I could but no patience! Great job!!

Vickie said...

Hooray! I too enjoy gardening. That is why I have not been stitching as much. =)

cucki said...

So pretty..I love gardening so much.
Hugs x


bonny, I love gardens and you did a wonderful job. enjoy the weekend, sunny kisses from Rio, Alice

Jennifer Hays said...

Nice garden, Chris! I hope you're enjoying the fruits of your labor. :)

Linda said...

What a beautiful and amazing garden and yard Chris.


Shirlee said...

What a lovely garden! All that fresh veg ... I envy you : )

Julie said...

A truly beautiful picture your garden is and so productive too, enjoy!