Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Losing weight the easy way???

Well after all that eating the  weekend of my party I was dreading my Wednesday weigh in, but by some miracle I lost a pound! Spurred on I decided  I would keep to the plan and try to lose again this week. Saturday I wasn't well. So I saved some calories, because I didn't eat. But Sunday I had the dinner at the Albert Hall. Of course being a posh meal the servings were very small,  and worried if I drank all the wine we had been given, it. would make me sleep though the concert. I only drank the champagne and sipped a little of the wine.  Yes .....I can go to sleep after just one glass of wine!!
But this week at our Slimming World meeting, it was a taster session where every one brought some thing to eat. I had tried to find the web site of the 'Cake Lady' as I had heard about this almost syn free sponge cake.. however
 it seems the cake lady had to remove her website,  because her SW syn values were challenged by SW ! But here is a super site and the almost free cake is wow!

I tasted it this morning and it was absolutely delicious. The woman who had made it cooked it in a swiss roll tray (I am off to buy one this afternoon) Then she had cut it in half long wise, spread it with the fromage frais sweetened and then berries and then put the other half on the top with more fromage frais and berries.. It was amazing.

The recipe I originally made to take was horrible. I think I had copied it down wrongly off the F/B page, so I made SW biscuits which should have had toffee yogurt and choc chips but they had gone in the first attempt,  so I used mandarin yogurt and zest of an orange and drizzled orange flavoured icing over them and then sprinkled more zest over them They were very nice and everyone wanted the recipe which is this...

4 oz Plain flour

2oz SR flour

100 grams mandarin yogurt

1 1/2 oz reduced fat marg

3 tbs sweetner (canderel)

A few drops of vanilla essence

2 or 3 tsp zest of orange


Rub fat into flour

Then add all other ingredients and make into a dough

Roll out to thickness of a pound coin and cut with biscuit cutters (I used a 2inch diameter)

Bake at reg 7 gas which is about 220 electric for 12 minutes or until biscuit coloured!

Cool on rack and then.....

Drizzle with runny orange flavoured icing and some extra zest

Can you guess we have a super new zester which is so easy to use.

These are about 2 1/2 syns each and very nice.

I wanted to lose 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks before Christmas but only managed 5 which is good for me. ( Weight loss so far 19 pounds) So I am losing weight albeit slowly. One woman in our group has lost 6 1/2 stone since February. Criky I thought what does she eat, not the same as me obviously!!LOL
I want to lose at least another stone before we leave for Australia in the middle of February.. with this in mind I have resisted all the mince pies and as yet haven't even had one, where as normally  I would have had at least one every day from the first of December!!
Happy days.. only 5 days to go...
Chris xx

PS I forgot to say I lost 2 pounds this week!!


Fiona said...

Your recipe sounds yummy and I might just give it a try. My boys are always hungry. Congratulations on your weight loss I'm sure you will reach your target.

Caz said...

I may have to join you, on your weight loss journey. Well done on your loss!

Leslie: said...

Wow, good for you Chris! I must admit I've given in and had some shortbread cookies and cake lately, but I refuse to bake myself because then it's for sure I'll eat it. We have snow today but I'm hoping it will go away soon as I can't drive in it. Our snow is always so wet isn't so nice. I didn't know you had a trip to Australia planned - lucky you! That is on my bucket list, but who knows if I'll ever get there. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Gabi said...

Congrats on loosing weight. Need to start that too.
Where in Australia do you go?
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

Aussie Stitcher said...

I was going to ask the same as Gabi. LOL. Well done on your weight loss.

Jay said...

Very well done, you're doing really well to have lost the weight so steadily, keep up the good work! Happy Christmas. x

Isabella said...

Well done on your lose and thanks bigtime for have the CWO tab on your blog I didnt even know it existed

Isabella said...

OH the spelling on my comment :(

Bette said...

Way to go on the weight loss. That is not easy to accomplish. Keep up the great work.