Saturday, 29 December 2012

Help I hate it!

Am I the only stitcher to have done this?  I bought the whole pack of Chatelaine’s Convents Herbal Garden, the chart, the HD linen, all the silks and beads at considerable cost and I hate it!

It started to go wrong when I couldn’t see what was stitches and what were beads on the printed out chart which came as a PDF document.. Other stitchers suggested to enlarge the chart on my laptop screen, and then print it off or even work from the screen. My DH and I had a frustrating morning trying to open the PDF doc. because I couldn’t remember the pass word. Then inspiration I suddenly thought what would Martine have given me as a password personal to me.. ah-ha my own email addy and it opened. So it is easier to see the chart now and I have stitched the middle section but oh how I hate it.. anyone got the answer to spur me on??

I need help, I can’t just scrap it, it cost too much!

Chris xx


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It depends on what you hate about it! If it's the fabric or threads then restart using something else.
If it's the fiddliness of the design then try setting the 15 minutes rule - stitch for 15 minutes. Then stop and do something else. Each time you pick it up do another 15 minutes then stop.
15 minutes a day is nearly 2 hours a week so you'll still see progress, especially if you post on your blog and enjoy the encouragement from us all!

It is looking good by the way!

Carol said...

Well it does look a lovely design. Did you have a particular place in mind to display it? Would that be a spur? If not, I think Jo's suggestion of 15 minute bursts might help. You have made a good start.
Carol xx

Angela said...

If you hate it that much what are you really losing by stopping? The material, silks and beads can all be used in other designs and you could always pass or sell the chart on.

Life is too short to spend hours doing something your hate especially if its a hobby and not work.

Caz said...

A bit obvious,,, but why did you buy it, if you hate it so much? Or did you really like it when you saw it? It looks good to me,, 15 minute rule sounds good to me, I may have to adopt that myself. Keep Stitching!!

Kathy A. said...

I am so sorry that your Chatelaine has let you know. They are long term, fussy designs and can be difficult to work on. Maybe looking at someone's finished piece and remembering why you bought it might help. I work on my Chatelaine for 4 days in a rotation of 4 projects. I am beading as I finish a section. I sure don't want to do them all at the end. I have had times of frustration but I know it will be beautiful in the end. And my friends encourage me! Would you like to work together in a SAL? Would that help?

Shebafudge said...

Sorry to hear you are hating it but it does look beautiful so far. I would go for either Jo's 15 minute rule (might try that on some of my UFO's)or just try doing maybe 50 stitches each time you stitch. Progress will still get made albeit slower.

Hope you find a solution to it!

Fiona said...

How sad, I agree it is a lot of money to scrap. I really like Jo's 15 minute idea or try something similiar. If it is any consolation what you have stitched looks wonderful and beautiful. Maybe just stitch on it once a week. I know you hate it now, but think of how good you will feel when you complete it. Try and hang in there.

Giovanna said...

All previous suggestions are excellent. I would add: visit the Chatelaine Designs board on Yuku (Google will get you there) and get encouragement from there. And if all else fails, it has s a Trading Forum where you can offer the supplies for sale. But I hope it doesn't get to that - Martina's designs are really rewarding if you stick to them :-)

Babs in Alabama said...

Chris, I have to agree with Angela because her suggestion is exactly what I did. I got caught up in a sal with pvt. group and soon realized the excitement of that had has much to do with my decision as anything. I enjoy seeing when someone else does it but have not regretted for one minute that I quit. I put materials back into stash and am sure it's come in handy more than once :)

Linda said...

Hi Chris. All of the above suggestions are great. But, if you really do hate it, don't spend your time stitching on it. I'm sure all the materials can be used on other projects.


Aussie Stitcher said...

That is such a shame, I hope that the suggestions will help one way or another. Did you buy the chart, or was it down-loaded? And if it was down-loaded, would a purchased copy be clearer? I can't help as I don't have any Chatelaine designs.

Solstitches said...

Been there and done that. I bought Alpine Garden, a monster piece of Summer Khaki linen and all the silks that must have cost me almost a month's wages at the time which was about ten years ago now.
I never did start it and over the years I've sneaked a few of the silks for other projects so don't even have the full set any more.
It's just so easy to get carried away on a wave of enthusiasm.
When I'm working on something I'm not feeling the love for I just put a few lengths of thread in each day and it seems to mount up to some progress.
Good luck!


Julie said...

It's sad you are not enjoying it Chris, although I have to say, it does look beautiful.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

A little bit each time you stitch and it may start to feel less annoying.