Thursday, 5 April 2012

Two very enjoyable evenings,,

If you are a regular follower of my blog you might have noticed I read more than anything else. I can read a book in a day and night. Yes, I stay awake to do just that if it is a real page turner. I have my favourite authors and when I find an author I like I read everything by that author, until I have had a enough of that storying or style. My latest find is Margaret Leroy; here in Billericay if you order a book from the library on line yourself, there is no charge so I order regularly.
During March and the beginning April it has been the 12th Essex Book Festival with talks by visiting authors. I had booked to see Patrick Gale, because my reading group had been given the un-proofed version to revue his latest book  ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ and it was good. I loved it,  where as other books I had read by him I found not to my liking..

 His talk, as it was about this latest book was good and he read a section which was wonderful. He is good looking and read perfectly, which I suppose he would as he wrote it! LOL.
 It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I asked a question about researching his novels and the members of my Reading Group said afterwards, they recognised my voice  although they couldn’t see me, as we were sat right down the front having arrived very early to do just that! But we had been asked to ask questions as our Reading Book was hosting his event!  It was interesting to hear that he wrote his books by writing all each character’s part through to the end! Never heard of that before and he wrote it first by long hand and then typed it up! He even passed around one of his note books of which I had a good look!! I too like to write, although not so much since moving here as there is so many other things I love to do. I didn’t admit I didn’t like his other book, that I had read and had only read the two, where as the other author was Jodi Piccoult, I have read ten of the sixteen books she has written..

Her talk was excellent, she was interesting, animated and full of stories. Her answers to the questions at the end were amazing,  such stories of how she wrote some books and how others impinged on her life. We were certainly entertained. She actually gave examples of wolf howls and had three volunteers to demonstrate the different howls by different members of the wolf pack! Her American accent was lovely to listen to and she too read an excerpt from her book. She is attractive, with long wavy curly hair and slim (damn!!) and writes so well..

And Essex Uni had super campus, we were able to park right near to the lecture hall where it was held. It was full probably about 300 hundred people there.
Two very enjoyable evenings and I am looking forward to next year’s authors.
Hope you too find an author you like and a book that is un-put-a-downable!! LOL
Chris xx


Katya said...

Hi Chris,
Maybe, you did not like his previous book because it was edited?
So interesting to hear about events like this. I am living through you vicariously...
Thank you,

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love to read too.

Leslie: said...

I wish we had things like that here. I did meet Diana Gabaldon twice because my daughter and I are fans of her books. And there is a well-known Writers Workshop once a year. But to go to an evening of talks by the authors must be fascinating! I've heard of Jodi Picoult but not read any of her books. I just may get one and see how I like it. Right now, Lorne and I are into a Norwegian author by the name of Jo Nesbo. Hope you have a lovely Easter.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time. :)
I've only read one Jodi Picoult book but it was very good. I really should hunt around for more!!

Julie said...

A nice way to spend an evening, how lovely.