Monday, 16 April 2012

My Spring garden

I am so pleased with how my garden is growing after the years of neglect it has while the house was leased.
DH widened this border for me last autumn and I planted it with daffodil and tulip bulbs, wall flowers, polyanthas, pansies, viola and stocks. The forget-me-nots are self seeded and very pretty.
All survived the snow in February and now are filling the border with colour.
I love those deep purple and cream tulips.

I never used to plant tulips in the past, but saw them at a garden we visited a few years ago and now I love them. These were a mix of red with the petals of the yellow ones tinged with red bought as a pack.
Its worth buying good quality bulbs as these show.

And this is the north side of my garden showing the red camellia given to me by a friend for my 60th birthday so it has done well. In the same border are cowslips and primroses which I planted several years ago.
The green house is now full of seedlings and more can be found in the conservatory. I am determined to have a garden full of flowers with lots of colour and interest. Worth all the hard work of weeding the beds and digging out a most pernicious plant, pretty but it was choking my flowers, wild garlic! It has a pretty white bell flower not unlike a blue bell but very invasive and smells like onions!
Roll on the warmer weather I have lots more to plant.
Happy Gardening all you who love it as I do!
Chris xx


Giovanna said...

It's a really beautiful garden - it looks like a very happy place.

Lesleyanne said...

Your garden looks gorgeous. I think all of my bulbs have gone south. I will have to plant some more this year as I have one solitary tulip.

stitchersanon said... much colour so early one..well done

Leslie: said...

So So Pretty! My tulips are up but not open yet. Your weather must be better than ours. Have a lovely day. :D

Angela said...

It's very colourful. I can understand why you didn't plant tulips before, they seem to be in flower for such a short period and then take forever to die away.

valerie said...

The photos of your garden are charming. How lovely...the tulips are wonderful!

Kate said...

That is looking so lovely - I could do with learning more about gardening I just haven't got a clue.

Fiona said...

Beautiful garden your hard work has paid off.

Laurel's Quill said...

Makes me smile...very pretty.

Melanie said...

Very pretty!!! :)

Catherine said...

Lovely gardens, thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Your garden looks really pretty, wish the weather would warm up a bit but the cold has meant some flowers have lasted longer than usual.
Crol xx