Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A very proud day

Today is a very proud day for me because it is the 8th anniversary of the ladies chit chat group I run.
We have been going for 8 years I can't believe it! It started off in Smart Groups and when that finished we emigrated to yahoo groups.
Members have come and gone but those who have remained come from UK, US, NZ and France. With only 14 members we manage to generate an average of 800 mails a month! Some months we top 1200!
Over the years we have had births of grandchildren, marriages, one being my own, a very sad passing of one of our members and lots of laughs. What do we chat about? Every thing!
It is my morning pick up with friends who are always there even though I have never met them.
A big part of my life...

I have been blessed with this group of friends and whose friendship has been a life saver on many occasions.
So a very big thank you to Heather, (Scotland) Pauline and Jae(NZ) Iris( France) Sue, Jane, Lesley, Pam, (UK) and Marge, Peggy, and the two Bonnies (US)
A wonderful group of women with whom I have laughed and cried over the years. Long may we all go on and on!


Sue said...

It's a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful group,you've all been there for me in the good and bad times, love you all....Sue xx

Julie said...

Congratulations to your group, 8 years is a wonderful achievement

Katya said...

Congratulations to you and all of your friends

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to be a part of this group. you all kept me going during my cancer surgery and treatement and have been a great blessing to me over the yrs. love and God Bless us all.........Marge