Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A very busy and happy weekend!

We have had such a lovely weekend... its true when you do something for someone else it makes you happy! Saturday we invited Mike's DS and wife and little GS for the day...They came here to my house in Essex as it so much nearer to travel to than Coventry. We had a lovely day with them and they gave me these lovely roses.
 Their second baby is due in April so exciting time ahead.
Then Sunday we had asked my DD and her DH and my lovely grand children to come for sunday dinner!  They gave me the tulips, and brought wine and mint chocs.
We cooked this huge leg of lamb and with roast potatoes and a selection of veg, it was all eaten.
The children cleared their plates and my granddaughter finished off all the gravy as she loves her grandma's gravy and always had extra gravy.

My grandsons were lovely and I had extra hugs from Theo my youngest (he's 10) as he said he hadn't seen me for ages! He gave me his school photo and its lovely and one photo as a book mark which is lovely too. He is leaning forward with his arms folded on a table and it's a great pose, which he did he told he did because he had a mark on his tee shirt!! LOL
 I  had such a lovely day..exhausting but so enjoyable.
                         I bought the daffodils on friday when we went to Basildon shopping.
To me they mean spring is on its way!
So we had a very busy time but it was so enjoyable...


Julie said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend with lovely food and family quality time. Daffs always make me think spring too.

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Love your flowers.

amelia said...

There is nothing quite like family visits!! I live for them!

Joysze said...

What a wonderful weekend you've had and they brought you such beautiful flowers! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

Melanie said...

Lovely flowers! I can't wait for the tulips to be in bloom again. They have such a short season but I love them dearly when they are around

Leslie: said...

That does sound like a wonderful weekend - any time with the grandchildren is special, isn't it? Love the flowers - my D2 brought me tulips last Friday and I was absolutely thrilled! :D