Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Miserable me!

When is wet and miserably cold outside or I feel miserable, I think of this summer meadow.

But today it just hasn't worked.
I am having a horrible day.. for some reason only known to herself, my MIL has said some horrible things about me. I can't work out why because I have always been pleasant to her.
It could have some thing to do with the fact that DH has said we are moving away from Coventry.They have become very reliant on their son for shopping and various Dr appointments lately, which I have never objected to. It has made me feel miserable and I want to run away!! Silly me...... I am a grown woman...... but I am a grown woman with my own house so it is possible for me to just go.
I won't of course,  I wouldn't give my DH that sort of grief.
And this cold wet weather doesn't help how I feel.
When I felt like this before, we were in Tesco's and I saw a woman there with one of those scarves tied round her head, as women do when they have lost their hair because of chemo. It made me snap out of my mood right away and count my blessings. So that's what I should do now!
Evidently MIL has regretted saying what she did, although she hasn't said this to me. Anyway words are like feathers in the wind, you can never get them back.
I have these growing in our conservatory and pots of daffs already sprouting, so lots of things to cheer me up.

And I am blessed in too many ways to mention... the house needs a good clean as we still have Christmas cards up and our tree as we always leave it all for 12th I am off to clean in our bedroom and throw off this black mood!
House work is the panacea for all sorts of things for me and it gets me feeling pleased with myself! Sad or what???LOL
I am getting on well with all my stitching and I think I will start one of the new charts I have all kitted up, yeh!!


Julie said...

Hope the cleaning spree lifts your mood Chris and that tomorrow sees you full of smiles and happiness. A lovely pic of the meadow

Suz said...

dear always smiling, don't let this get you down and please don't reach for that feather floating in the wind...let it go
It wasn't really aimed at you
but at their fear
of being helpless and alone
and the older ones don't adjust to change...they fear it like they fear the dark shadow that will come some day holding a reaper at his side
No let it go and seek compassion for a frightened old woman
who let slip her fear out of her mouth
rather than take it inward and digest it and express it in a more apppropriate way...maybe it is too deep this fear...and she cannot acknowledge it..but simply pushed it away violently
not realizing the consequences..
let the feather go
do not grab it
Bless you for expressing your fear
And think of them as you truly is frightening to them
but if it is the right move for you
do it anyway but reassure them you are not abandoning them
I know all this because I have a mother..:)

Lesleyanne said...

Hope the cleaning helps. I hope you will feel better tomorrow.

Sue said...

Sorry that you're feeling down Chris, I hope it doesn't last for long. I always feel better when I've had a good clean, it kind of sweeps my mood away with it. Don't worry about Mike's mother, she's the one who's missing out on what a great son and daughter in law she's got.

lots of love and hugs......Sue xxx

Katya said...

Feel better, Chris.

Joysze said...

I'm sorry your MIL said those hurtful words, Chris; and I understand how deeply they cut. I hope that with time, the hurt will dull. That is some gorgeous flowers you have there!! :D I hope they bring you lots of cheer.

crochet lady said...

Family issues can sure be difficult sometimes. Hope with time things get cleared up.

How nice to have plants blooming. I am looking forward to an orchid that is about ready to bloom and some violets.

Kathy A. said...

Oh Chris - that is just awful. People sometimes say things in anger and don't realize how deeply they hurt another person. Some words just can't be swept under the rug. Please know that I'm thinking of you and I just know it was unjustified. Take care and I hope that bout of housecleaning helps get rid of your anger and hurt. (((((HUGS)))))

Unknown said...

Ditto what everyone else said,
I hope cleaning helps you rid yourself of those unhelpful feelings. :0)
What a lovely meadow, could do with seeing something like that right now!!

Carolyn NC said...

You are so right about the importance of words. Hope it all works out and that you're cheered up soon. Absolutely love, love that meadow picture!

Leslie: said...

Oh gosh, I know how you feel as my MIL used to say awful things not only about me, but also about our daughters! And as they say, "you can't unring a bell." And no matter how many good things are happening, it's always that one nasty thing that gets to you. I know you'll eventually get over this, but it will take time. Sending over hugs across the pond! :)

Anonymous said...

Sending cyber-hugs my friend. I hope all is better by now. I know that "black dog" of depression can come knocking on the door and try to get us down when things do not go well ... may things be brighter for you now. {{{hugs}}}

LindyLouMac said...

I am so glad you found me via Goodreads! I have now found someone who has similar tastes in reading to me, looking at your sidebar, is a lady of a similar age and other similarities!! One big difference is I do not sew! I am now following you, I hope you will find News From Italy an inspiration, although your move not be quite so far? Please note I no longer subscribe to comments, due to an overworked inbox but do reply to me direct I would love to hear from you. Anyway I will see you on Goodreads. :)