Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowed in!

We arrived here in Billericay Monday afternoon and woke up tuesday to snow! And it has continued to snow! We managed to get out to get some shopping bits as we had planned to do our food shop here  instead of bringing it with us. However although our road has just a slight hill, only four wheel drive and some bigger vans have made it up the hill! This is my little shed  I painted forgot-me-not blue to look like a beach hut and the snow has drifted up the side.

And look at the christmas tree I planted in the garden after Christmas 2005, it is huge now. It would be lovely with my outside lights around it come Christmas time

And here is Nell, she has been like a small child dashing aound in the snow and burying her nose in it having a whale of a time.

And us???? We are toasty warm inside and eatling winter vegetable soup made by myself.  The soup bowls were my grand mothers and about 60 years old!! Just two left of this design.
 Our plan was to return to Coventry tomorrow but if the M25 has problems we will stay till it is safe to travel. I hope we can, as I have commitments at my church over the weekend and I don't like letting people down.
Best thing about this weather is, it is  inside knitting, crocheting and stitching weather.!
Hope where ever you are you are happily stitching or knitting!

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Sue said...

Lots of snow here too Chris and still coming thick and fast. Your garden looks lovely covered in snow and Nell looks to be having a lot of fun. I like the look of the homemade soup, just the weather for it....Sue xx

Claire said...

Just what we all need some soup!Think I will have that for lunch.

Gayle said...

So beautiful unless you need to travel. A perfect way to get some stitching done. One thing about living in Arizona is the nice winter weather. I could use an excuse to stay in and stitch. Safe travels. :)

Lesleyanne said...

Travel safely. Lovely photos of your garden.

Melanie said...

Lots of snow!!!! So pretty..........but I'm glad it hasn't caught up to us yet here. Hehehe. ;)

amelia said...

Very pretty and I'm enjoying ours. I love snow and winter but here, the authorities are geared for it more than the UK. Nothing stops when it snows, the roads are cleared and life goes on. I don't think the UK has enough ploughs and sanders. That's what I gather from various Brit blogs. Also there are so many winding roads which would be hard to plough without stopping traffic. I hope you can travel before the weekend!! :)

Our dogs love the snow too. Your Nell looks like she's having a great time! It's funny the way they like to poke their noses in the snow!!

Sue J said...

Hi Chris, I'd love a bowl of that soup :) It all looks very lovely and 'picture book' and my memories of snow are all good, but I wouldn't want to be splothering around in it at my age. Might break a hip LOL.
Thanks for visiting my blog (my other one). I'm originally from Nottingham and came to OZ when I was 24. I live on the west coast. I still have family in the UK.

crochet lady said...

Hi Chris, so very nice to meet you!

Your outside pics are beautiful. We just got a dumping of snow last night and it now looks like a winter wonder land here today. My guys even tested out the ice today doing some ice fishing.

Thank you for your comment on my dream post.

Stacy said...

Love your snow-covered beach hut, Chris! How wonderful that your tree from 2005 has grown so much, sometimes they don't make it. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying doing some stitching. It's not very cold here, but has been threatening to rain all day. I'm ready for a good downpour!

Julie said...

Lovely snow pics, hope you made it home safely

Justflo said...

Definitely the time for soup. Wonder where all this snow comes from.

Karan said...

Had loads here too - about 2ft, all told, & it's caused lots of problems. It does look beautiful though... & Nell looks like she had loads of fun. Mmmmm, that soup looks GOOD. :0)