Saturday, 15 May 2010

We have just gotta keep going!

I just haven’t had much heart to do a lot this week, the whole business about our allotment shed being raised to the ground just about kicked me so far down I didn’t want to make the effort with anything. But as people have said, don’t let the bastards win.
Thank you to everyone who left comments here and those of you who emailed me, its nice to know that you all care.
I haven’t been there since, but DH went today to plant some strawberries as our plot gets lots of sun and there isn’t enough room in our garden here. After all I have claimed half of it for flowers! In spite of the snow and long winter all of my lupins have survived and I now have huge plants all in bud. The plants that we did lose were the ones that survive in hot dry conditions, carnations and pinks, half the curry plant and my Rose Campion which is a shame as it had spectacular bright red flowers and really stood out in the borders.

I have a lot of seedlings to plant at the allotment, so I will be there next week although I don’t know if I want to sit and stay there as we used to, its not the same any more.

Yesterday I really had to shake myself to get going, for some reason I had the hump all day.. we were late going shopping as Mike takes his Dad on Friday mornings now, which I don’t mind at all. It was late Friday afternoon by the time we hit Tesco’s and I was very, very unhappy at the prospect of a busy crowded store. Then I saw a couple, he was pushing the trolley and she was looking along the shelves. She had one of those scarves wrapped round her head, you know as women do who have lost their hair through chemo treatment and it made me take stock of how blessed I am. I grabbed that trolley with a renewed vigour and suddenly the shop didn’t seem that crowded, my mood lightened and we were no time at all before we were back in the car driving home.

Because we haven’t been to the allotment this past week our back garden has had a clean sweep. All the flower beds weeded, seeds planted, veg plot dug and plants in, pots of carrot seeds already germinated and salad crops growing. A great boost to us has been that next door has had her huge ash tree cut down and so we have late afternoon sun on our green house now.
And a great joy is that the Great Tits are back and fro feeding their young in our nesting box, this is the first year it has been used, it has only taken three years for them to find it! They are lovely to watch and we can hear the little ones tweeting as we walk along the path.

Life is not so bad after all in fact its good!


Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear that life is good after all! Seeing some one else less fortunate does tend to make us sit back and think! Have a wonderful week! Enjoy watching all those lovely new things grow.

stitchersanon said...

I do understandhow you feel. We have lost so much through leatherjackets that I cannot bear to go out there. It is heartbreaking when we work so hard to get things going and make the world a nicer place just for something to kick us the the bum and make us want to give up. Now I have read your post, I am determined to go out and see what can be saved or what can be grown to make up for the 220 plants we have lost. Lots of people are worse off than us: thank you for reminding me ;-)

Lesleyanne said...

Sendign hugs. Hope you are feeling better soon.

amelia said...

Have you heard anything about these low lives who did this? Your allotment shed I mean!
It's hard to keep smiling through stuff like this but I'm glad your spirits were lifted a bit anyway.
We have a lot of our summer birds back which is nice. We live in a forest so they all nest in trees, we don't have nest boxes but we sure can hear them all and they all visit our feeders and keep us poor!!

Julie said...

A very inspirational post, i too count my blessings every day (even with DD and her leaky ceiling troubles still ongoing).

Keep smiling!

Karan said...

So glad you haven't let the beggars grind you down - that's when they really have won. May the dark clouds always have silver linings for you. :0)