Thursday, 14 January 2010

What do you do when it is snowy outside???

What do you do when its like this outside and its too cold to go out?
I did not take this photo in case you're wondering, but isn't it beautiful?

So what to do in the snow?
I turned this into.....

..... into warm socks for my grand daughter. It is such a lovely yarn and so soft.
I do hope she likes them as I have really enjoyed knitting them.
I got the yarn from Modern Knitting

And because it is so cold and wintery
I bought yellow tulips.
The little blue jug they are in is a hot water jug to go with a tea pot which were my grand mother's.She was born 1887 and died 1980, so that little pot is old!
I don't have the tea pot, I think that was broken long before my time, but I have this and have always used it for flowers. It is part of my collection of blue china bits.
The hearts hanging in front of the window have come from all over the place, one that is made of beads came from Australia last year.
It seems such a long time ago we were getting excited because it was less than a month before we were to go. We would love to go again. While we are freezing here Melbourne had its hottest night,37˚C at 12 midnight a couple of nights ago, can you imagine that???

And I planted spring bulbs to flower inside.

Have a nice day inside or out!



Claire said...

I try and stay in and stitch if it's to cold but all the snoe is melting away now.Well done on the socks they look lovely.

Barb said...

Lovely touch of spring there Chris with the yellow tulips. Socks look as if DD will be snug in those, well done.

Julie said...

Super socks, she'll love them.

Nice yellow tulips, i think we are all wishing spring was nearer with this cold spell seeming to go on and on and on....

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Great idea to stay in and knit or sew. The socks look so pretty and cosy. I've just continued unpacking and sorting but have discovered all my knitting and patterns now, so all is well.

The tulips look lovely - spring is on its way!

Lois said...

Cute socks! The tulips are a lovely taste of Spring when the weather's so awful. Our snow and ice has gradually melted the last few days. Hope yours starts to go soon.

Karan said...

Stay in & stitch.... or read! LOL Lovely socks - sure to be a hit. :0)
Beautiful flowers & a reminder of what is soon to come. :0)

Michelle said...

The socks are just lovely. Its definitely stitching time when the snow is out! Your flowers are so pretty and in such a lovely jug. I thought they were daffodils at first. Michelle x

Linda Jacobs said...

Yummy colors for those socks! And your idea of tulips is perfect for this time of the year. I might just have to get me some, too!

Stay warm!

Carolyn NC said...

I need to learn how to make these - awesome socks! Love your bit of spring with the snow!

kanishk said...

i think we are all wishing spring was nearer with this cold spell seeming to go on and on and on....

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