Friday, 18 September 2009

A fanatastic exchange received today

It was such a dull grey day when we opened the curtains this morning so isn't it lovely when your DH comes to you with the post and says... you've won in the post stakes today and there is a package you were'nt expecting??? I had sent off my Autumn exchange when we were away so I had forgotten I still had mine to come, so it was such a lovely suprise.
It is wonderfully made and beautifully stitched and I love it.
Thank you Elisa, it is so lovely and shall be finding a front position on my shelf of exchanges.

And the thread she sent is colour coordinated with the pins on the side, so neatly finished too. The design is lovely and the colours so subtle, thank you again Elisa, your stitching and finishing is perfect.

She has said it is a Helga Handl design, DMC threads and stitched on Quaker cloth in Light mocha.
I think I will have to buy some of this cloth it is such a lovely colour.


Michelle said...

Its a lovely piece - you must be chuffed. Well done Elisa Love Michelle x

Edit said...

What a lovely present! Sure it was a nice day for you :)

Karan said...

Definitely a lovely gift to receive - love it. :0)

Lesleyanne said...

Lucky you - it is lovely.

Julie said...

It's lovely, i just admired this one on Elisas blog LOL