Friday, 8 May 2009

My other LOVE! Well 2 other loves!!

Nell is beginning to get quite daring in the garden and has to our horror trampled on the veg patch where we proudly can say our parsnips have germinated and also has pulled up the odd flower!!
Here she is having found and chewed a peat pot! What a girl but at 9 weeks and 4 days old she asks to go out and will sit on command for her food! There have been accidents at night but that might be because we don't hear her right away and by then it is too late.... but it is getting better day by day and after all we have only had her for a week and 4 days!

But after her I love my garden and although small I pack it full. This is taken this evening in the late sun. The lupins are budding and wow when they flower they are like castle turrets!

And a small corner of my patio which by high summer will be a scented paradise, with all my pots of scented pelagoniums and petunias..

We eat lunch outside at every opportunity and take pleasure in looking at our garden... of course the veg patch is just a small part of our veg growing as our allotment is huge and keeps us active and happy... a day in the allotment is like a little holiday for us, well the bit where we sit in our old plastic chairs drinking coffee and eating our sandwhiches, some days the rest is hard work. We have had it now for 2 years and still haven't cleared it all.But we have had so much veg from it. This year I am planting flowers there as well.
There has never been a day when we haven't come away thinking what a great time we have had even when we have come home soaking wet and couldn't get in the hot shower fast enough. But now that the sun is here we love it!


Shellie said...

Your garden is gorgeous My lupins are budding too as are my foxgloves, Your allotment sounds wonderful too we are just starting outreally with our veggies, so its a case of fingers crossed.
Nell is such a sweety.
See you over on the SAl on sunday
Hugs Shellie

Gaynor said...

You rpuppy is a little sweetie. I can understand why you would like to sit in your garden.. it is truely beautiful and looks like a real peace haven.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos. Your greenhouse no doubt looks like mine. I think the garden makes the home - somewhere lovely to sit outside and yours is lovely. Lovely photo of Puppy - bless him.
Love Michelle x

Kathy A. said...

That is one gorgeous garden. No wonder you spend as much time as you can out there.

Julie said...

What a lovely garden you have.
Nothing nicer than home grown veggies, we were at our allotment tonight in the evening sunshine.
Nell is adorable.

Jackie said...

Oh, i loved your garden ! and my girl says Hi to the other "baby".

Karan said...

Clever Nell, she's a fast learner. Gorgeous garden. :0)

Terry said...

Your gardens look lovely! I see you have lots of forget me nots like I do! They're just so dainty and pretty in the garden! Nell looks like a sweetie! :0)