Friday, 30 November 2018

It's not cancer!

Thank you everyone that left a comment and those of you who emailed, it's lovely to read those messages.. and since then...
….I have got myself together, and after all my blog is called 
'Always Smiling.' I don't think I have ever let myself get so down. I honestly believe that it's up to yourself as to how you feel. So I have started to do the damn arm exercises (excuse the swear word) because they cause such pain and then I can't move my arm for a few days. I have had said to me,  by someone I thought loved me, that I should be grateful ......after all it's not cancer! That was so hurtful I was devastated. Surprisingly we don't speak any more!

The problem with pain is... it doesn't show! She has never seen me struggling to pull up my knicks, that's why I only wear skirts I couldn't cope with slacks. I am trying to use my right arm, but to be really honest between you blog friends and not anyone else,  it doesn't come naturally and I hardly use it at all.. except of course knitting and crocheting but the surgeon said that wasn't using it properly,  as I am only using my hand. But I 'm still smiling... just!!
What would you do if someone you loved and thought loved you, said something so hurtful, it took your breath away?  I couldn't speak and choked back tears and hung up the phone. 


Joanne Noragon said...

That's so awful. My dear friend of thirty plus years said something as awful and when I said she couldn't really mean that, spent several minutes on how much she did mean it. It's been four years and I have not seen or talked to her. It was hard, for just a bit. But, we can be tough when we must, and so are you. And, those damn knicks can be the worst. Especially just past the waist! xxoo

hazel c UK said...

I am so sorry "the friend" upset you for you have enough to put up before for people saying things like that. I do hope you have other friends at can be nice for you.
Hazel c uk

Vickie said...

Ah Chris. I have had hurtful things said to me by my MIL who just does not understand. Some people just don't. I do the same thing. EVERY TIME she does it. Because sadly it has happened a few times over the years. I just take it. I come home and tell my husband and I cry. Then I pray. It is all we can do Chris. We need to pray for THEM. Pray for US! Life certainly is hard my friend. God bless you!

Julie said...

I feel your pain Chris .... since my diagnosis I've not heard from quite a few people I thought were friends. It has showed me that over the years its been me that has always made the extra effort to phone, write, send cards, and even visit. It's been very hurtful and sad to accept.
Love and blessings, you are a very strong lady who has many friends who care. xx

mamasmercantile said...

I am so sorry that you have experienced these awful comments. It must have been devastating to know that you have a lifelong disability. Hopefully you will be able to manage the pain. Take care.