Friday, 12 January 2018

Will you join me?

Wendy is a gifted Bible teacher. I have done everyone of her Bible studies and each one has grown me more and given me a deeper understanding of God's Love.
This one starts January 22nd and I am looking forward to reading her book and following her teaching and receiving her prayers.
You can buy her book from Proverbs 31 or Amazon.

Look up her blog

A prayer from Wendy for this coming year


You are holy, and You call me to holiness. Not perfection. Holiness. Help me know the difference. You created me in Your image and call me to be more like You. I confess at times, my heart wanders. My speech disappoints. My actions fail. Draw me closer to You. Keep me alert to Your voice. Give me a teachable mind and ears to hear the whispers of Your sweet Spirit. Clothe me with humility. Enable me to submit to Your Word. Use it to penetrate those deep places in my heart that resist change.


mamasmercantile said...

I have just started a 52 week study in which it is hoped that I will have a read the bible.

Julie said...

Enjoy your studies. Xx