Thursday 16 November 2017

Two weeks ago

It was two weeks ago today that I had my op. and today we have done our weekly shop but I struggled a bit towards the end, so had to go and sit down, perhaps I was pushing myself too much  and I had a 'to-do' in Tesco. Some man whizzed past me with his trolley and altho' he didn't touch my arm I felt the breeze as he whizzed past so screamed and then burst into tears. Just thought of someone hitting my arm sends me into hysterics! I seem to be very hyper sensitive where my arm is concerned. It's not just the pain of someone hitting it, it's the thought that they could dislocate it. An afternoon of doing nothing followed, resting my arm on a pillow, I have cut back on my painkillers, as well so asking a lot of myself.

Our weather is very pleasant,  12C and sunny. We drove to Beccles along the Suffolk lanes so very pretty with the autumn colours. We do like driving about, so much to see.. Blythburg area is a pig farming and to see all the pigs with their piglets is amazing, there's 100s of them, all very pink. They all have houses for the summer as evidently they can get sunburn!  

I fancied a nice film, DH found a nice one for me on Netflix the other afternoon and I slept all the way through!!
I am enjoying this new laptop even though I am still getting used to Windows 10 and the key board; the keys are just slightly wider so I keep hitting the wrong key as I am still typing left handed!
But I am beginning to feel better! I looked at a whole load of stitching blogs and realised how much I missed xstitching.. can't wait now to get back to crafting!

Loved stitching this



Winifred said...

Nice to see you are getting out but I can understand your concerns about hurting your arm.

Take care

Joanne Noragon said...

I would have screamed, too. Hope you rattled the fellow.

Yarrow said...

I can understand how nervous you must be about your arm. Don't push yourself too fast, it's not worth it. Looking at sewing blogs must be fun :D

Julie said...

Each day a little step forward
Thinking of you x