Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Will I have my op or not?

I had a horribly stress day yesterday; the hospital phoned in the morning to say they had had the results of my urine sample, but wanted it path lab tested not just by the nurse,  so could I ask my surgery for some anti-biotics as a prophylactic!! Honestly it totally freaked me out, as I am fine, no infection.
I might as well have asked for gold, they waited till 5:50pm to fax the prescription to the chemist. I had to phone them 3 times to ask for it and then phone the chemist to ask had it arrived. DH went to the chemist and waited to get it as it arrived!! The hospital phoned me 3 times!! If I didn't have it my op would have been cancelled. I was a nervous wreck! We were in Southwold when they first phoned enjoying a coffee just about to have a walk along the front, so we walked after we got home and had been to the surgery straight away, to make sure they had had the fax about the anti-biotics. I didn't have to explain to the receptionist, because I think if she had queried it, I would have burst into tears, fortunately the fax explained it all.
It was a lovely walk, across the fields which is out across the road from our house, the leaves were golden in the afternoon sun. Nell loved it, running free.. she is still has fleas from the kennels we think. We've had the stronger treatment from the vet and she is banned from upstairs, clean bedding every day and in the kitchen at night. Dino (Dyson) stands guard by the door to keep her in the kitchen at night. She is afraid of the dyson!
I am looking up an independent GP I can't be doing this all the time, apart from that I didn't want any more anti-biotics I feel my body has had enough of everything. I must have had at least 100 x-rays over these 
2 1/2 years, plus ultra sound treatment, CT scans and MRI plus 3 ops.. so enough is enough. I am going privately if I can find a female one. There were 2 in Billericay.. and this op had better work. I am fed up!!! I can hardly use my arm after this last op, much too painful.
So that was my miserable day, I was weepy all afternoon!
This morning when I checked my phone, the hospital had phoned at 8:05, don't they realise  I am retired, I get up when I wake and then shower, sometimes it's gone 9:00am.. and I don't keep my phone beside my bed! I suppose they are covering all the bases, but the whole thing freaked me out. So my op. is booked for Thursday 2nd Nov.


mamasmercantile said...

Hope all goes well, sending you a hug in the hope it will make you feel a little stronger. Take care.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'll be thinking of you--all my best!.

Vickie said...

Chris I am praying for you.

Julie said...

Oh Chris, I do feel your frustration with the NHS- communication is lacking so very much.
(Big but gentle cuddle) xx

Winifred said...

God bless for tomorrow Chris.

Daffycat said...

I am praying for you, Chris! Good wishes for today.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Thinking of you today, Chris. I hope this operation works.