Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Keeping ever so busy

 Yes I am knitting socks again, these blue ones are for my youngest GS. Although I am keeping busy I am slower these days, I have to stop to rest my arm.
But this bright colour will be bed socks for me. And knitting keeps my hands for putting food in my mouth!
Yes I am still trying to lose weight and that is ever so slow too. (Sigh!!)
 And I am going to take part in  a CAL with these gorgeous colours. It's by Jane Crowfoot and the blanket is called Sunshine and Showers.
 Aren't these different bands of colour and stitches absolutely wonderful. As soon as we have moved I shall start this. The pattern book has the first five groups of the chart and the rest are going to be on her blog.
I can't wait to get started... but I have my new quilt to do, so I need to keep up with that, it is coming along nicely.. photos next time.
 Hope you too have something that is new and exciting to do? Isn't the flower edging pretty, I love it.
Chris x


Winifred said...

Have to say I hate knitting socks. I know they are lovely and warm but the process really doesn't suit me.
I love that crochet blanket the colours are gorgeous.
I'm waiting to knit a gansey for the Blyth recreation of a heritage voyage. The project will supply ganseys for all the sailors doing the voyage. Can't wait for the Patten and wool to arrive.
It's always lovely starting a new project my problem is I keep starting on too many.
As you say it stops you eating!

Vickie said...

That blanket is so fabulous! The flower edging is so clever and cute!!

Sherri said...

I can see why you love the flower edging on the blanket, it is just lovely. I wish I was competent enough to tackle a project like that. We are keeping very busy here at the moment as we have just brought two puppies onto the homestead. They are two month old and are border collie/kelpie crosses.

Sue said...

Love the colour of your bed socks and I do wish that knitting stopped me eating but I can multitask!
That's a lovely CAL that you've joined, lovely colours, will look forward to seeing your progress xx

Mii Stitch said...

The crochet blanket looks fabulous, what a great choice!
You'll certainly have fun working on this beauty ;)

mamasmercantile said...

I love the edging what a stunning design.

Julie said...

Nice socks, stunning new blanket you will be creating.

cucki said...

Wow the blanket is so pretty and the flower edging is so cute
Love you x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

The blanket design for your CAL is lovely.