Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I can knit !!!

Each Christmas I knit a pair of socks for each of my grand children, actually I should say grand young people as GD is 21, #1 GS is 19 and the youngest is 15. They all tower over me! 
It has been a struggle as it isn't as easy as crochet as I have to move my arm, but here is the first pair completed. I wondered if they wear them but when I visited them the other week, the youngest had on a pair, except they were odd. Both hand knitted and a blue colour but odd! My DD was wearing a pair belonging to #1 GS as she was gardening and wearing wellies!. So they do get worn..
I even knitted this last weekend when we visited my cousin who has bought a very swish barn conversion in Shifnal. We had a lovely long weekend with her; it is out in the country and we walked through the autumn fallen leaves. She fed us well with home baked apple pie, and other treats, I put on weight!!
Home again now and another Christmas cake is in the oven, this one for my #3 son.
How are your Christmas preparations going?


Leslie: said...

Gee! I would wear those socks! They're gorgeous even if you did knit them for a grandson. *smile* Glad to hear you're able to knit again, but as for my Christmas preparations, I've done nothing! I haven't even thought about what to give everyone yet. But I know I have to get my overseas cards done soon - I try to do them by the end of November.

Vickie said...

Woo hoo! Great socks! My son says he will make me socks! Yay! :D Pink I think!
My Christmas plans have barely begun.

mamasmercantile said...

Your sock knitting is amazing, I am in awe of your skill. I have almost all the crafted gifts done now for Christmas but still have a lot to do for the arrival of two new Grandbabies.

Amy at love made my home said...

Cake was made a couple of weeks ago and had its first feed today! If you knitted me socks I would most certainly wear them!! xx

Joanne Noragon said...

Beautiful sox. Hope to get back soon to the pair I was knitting.

Penny said...

I love the socks! Maybe some day I will learn how to knit them. :) As for Christmas preparations I haven't even started. Seems hard to believe Christmas is that close. :)