Monday, 26 October 2015

Such a busy time..

I saw this on Attic24's blog, a multi coloured poncho, so I decided I'd make one for me.
I am having problems getting jumper sleeves over my brace and in an evening this would ideal. I sometimes wear my shawl but this was a bit of a stash buster too! 
Crocheting is some I can do and it's good for my hand, as sewing is still difficult and still causes tweaks of pain.
And sorry this is the 'C' word!!

 I have made the first Christmas cake( I always make some for my grown up sons as well as us.) and a very large pudding as we are joining with DH's daughter and her hubby for Christmas in Yorkshire. DH's  other twin daughter will be joining us as well , so quite a different Christmas for us as we always stay home.
And not to be out done, Dh has made mince meat.. we have already given some away, it will be ready to use in a months time.
I can't wait to make the pies but with my arm still not ok I will need help or I could let DH make them!!
Have you started your Christmas baking yet?


Sue said...

A very pretty and useful poncho Chris. Lovely Christmas goodies too xx

Vickie said...

What a lovely poncho. And very useful and practical for you especially now. My you are so prepared for Christmas!

Julie said...

Your poncho looks nice and cosy Chris, that'll keep you warm now the colder/darker nights are here.
I've got everything to make the cake, just need to get on with it lol.

butterfly said...

Chris love the poncho, and wow you are infront with your Christmas cooking.

Joanne Noragon said...

Looks yummy. I've only just begun accumulating gifts for the season.

Leslie: said...

Oh my! You're well ahead of me. I don't even think about it until Halloween is over and done with. I'll be having both my daughters and their families this year as one of them is living with me now temporarily until we find a house together. I love your poncho - it would be just the thing for taking the dogs out for walkies at the park. Hope your arm continues to improve, Chris!

Amy at love made my home said...

I have been thinking that I need to get to Christmas cake making! I have a note on my to do list to do my Christmas to do list and cake making will be on the list. Your poncho is lovely and a great idea to wear and not cause problems with your brace! xx

Una said...

Hello Chris,what a beautiful poncho,I love your choice of colours..did it take you long to make.Your Christmas goodies look wonderful,are you feeling any better,I hope so.Take care

Sparky said...

first things the poncho in technicolour xx and christmas cake...I actually am one of those people who loves it

Annette-California said...

Your poncho is beautiful! Hopefully its easier to put on and remove with your arm. I didn't know of this type of cake that needs to ferment? Actually yes I have been thinking "C" word, lol! I like to make cookie dough's in advance & freeze. So far out of 2 batches not one made it into the freezer. The "C" (cookie) monsters came and ate them! Will make more dough's and not mention to the monsters next time!
love Annette