Thursday, 23 April 2015

I have become a 'lefty'

......without my right arm.....but I am just about coping.
Each day my arm is a little better, but the brace and harness is torture.
It is uncomfortable and awkward and bits of it have rubbed my arm, neck and back raw, so I have silk scarves tucked between it and me. 
I can't wear a bra or a top that isn't big enough to go over my arm rather than put it through the sleeve.
But I am managing to wash in the shower without the shower head and the water pressure turned down so I can soap myself and then with my left hand hose myself down
I am sleeping but wake early,  so have to have an afternoon nap!
The flowers are from my #1 son and cards from friends and one from a blogging friend, Cath. Thank you Cath
These are from my SD so lovely of her to think of me.
Dressing is not fun and I can't wear knicks because I can't get them down or up with one hand. I still have some pain so keep up with the tabs.
I have an appointment next Tuesday so hope the Dr will say I can go without the brace and harness.
But all in all, and all things considered I greet each new day with a thankful prayer that I have my lovely patient, kind and very loving DH.
Thank you for all the  get better wishes and prayers, they are a great help.


Ineke said...

Sounds really bad to cope with! And I do hope you can go without brace and harness next week. Take care!

Unknown said...

Chris, I really hope you can do without the brace and harness very soon. It sounds so uncomfortable and must make life very difficult, especially with dressing and undressing and all those other little chores we usually take for granted. My fingers are crossed that your Doctor gives you good news next week. Jan xx

Pam in IL said...

Hoping you get permission to take the brace and harness off. Sending gentle hugs and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Margaret said...

Do hope you soon get more comfortable and back to feeling more in control. Love and prayers

Vickie said...

Hang in there Chris. Now is the time to get books read!

Brigitte said...

This all sounds kind of terrible having to wear a brace and harness. But the good thing is that your arm is already better and is improving each day. I hope that you will soon get rid of all of this.

butterfly said...

Sending hugs , I know what you are going through .

Una said...

Hi Chris,you poor girl I hope you get the brace of soon,my goodness what you have been through is just awful.Im sending you a Big Hug and hopefully you will be well very soon.Lots of Love to you.Una.🌹.

Leanna said...

Chris, you're suffering so much...I've been trying yo imagine how I would cope in your situation, and I have to say that I don't know. I've had some horrible back issues, but I was always able to use both my hands.
Your sweet demeanor and positive attitude are an inspiration, but your gratefulness for the support you have is the best part. What a Lady!
Godspeed, my friend!

Katya said...

Oh Chris, I do hope you can take the brace off soon... Take care of yourself.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sorry to read of the discomfort you are experiencing, Chris. Hopefully it will soon end.