Friday, 30 January 2015

A Busy Bee making my Tulip Quilt

Making this tulip quilt is taking time.
 Each of the tulip heads has 9 sections to sew together and I have hand sewn these. all
30 !!
 The leaves are made in two parts, each part has 3 sections....
 Then there is the stem sewing the two parts together..
 And then the actual tulip head is sewn onto the leaf section, to make one unit.
There are 30 of these..
And they are not finished.. now they have a cream fabric sewn between the tulips before they are sewn into the patchwork blocks.. whew!! All this has been hand sewn although I intend to sew the tulip head to the leaf section by machine.
I have to have 192 of these.. I have only cut half so far!
But I am sure once it is finished it will be very pretty and will make a lovely warm quilt for a friend of mine.  And I love sewing it all.
Too cold to be out and about so inside sewing is the best way to spend a cold afternoon.
Hope you're in out of the cold and enjoying what ever you like to do too.


Coltisor de Rai said...

A beautiful and relaxing weekend evening to you!
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Clare-Aimetu said...

Your quilt is looking great Chris, lovely colours

Vickie said...

Looking great! I am so jealous. I want to get a patchwork quilt going, but have a few other "must stitch" projects to get done first.

Annette-California said...

Beautiful tulip quilt your making for one super lucky friend. LOVE the colors! love Annette

Julie said...

It's going to be spectacular.

Brigitte said...

This quilt will be absolutely gorgeous. And nearly all handsewn. Looking forard to seeing more of it.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I'm impressed with all that hand stitching. Your patchwork quilt is going to be lovely. It makes me want to get out the one I was working on again.

Lana said...

So pretty!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

White Lace and Promises said...

This is so pretty. My mom's quilts are treasures. The designs like the flower basket and around the world?, and pin wheel are beautiful but the cloth came from her and my granny's old dresses and are in so pattern as for a color. We always told her they were a bit tacky but now they are treasures for sure.