Friday, 10 October 2014

A very little bit of cross stitching!!

I have really neglected my cross stitching but I got this out of my basket
the other evening .
It's the design from a magazine and I really like it so I am going to do some more
this evening.  It's a rather nice feeling to be planning to stitch, almost like coming home!
The days are definitely cooler although we were hot out today as we were wearing jumpers.
The evenings are drawing in so time to get my cross stitch sorted and finished.
I have no plans to make another quilt just yet, just a table runner for Christmas
( Why are my photos so awful? But photos do show things we don't always see, so it did show a very wobbly cross sewn line on the quilt for my DD so I undid it and re-sewed it.. so it was perfect when I gave it to her.
She ripped off the tissue I had carefully wrapped it in  and although she didn't gush, she smiled and said.. she wondered when she would get one,  as two of her children have one each for Uni, so I guess she was pleased)
Happy Days
PS If you enlarge the pic of my cross stitch by clicking on it, it is clear.


cucki said...

Such a sweet stitch xxx

Vickie said...

Yay! Enjoy yourself this evening Chris. =)

Julie said...

A very pretty design Chris.

If I have made a mistake in my stitching and cant find it, I always take a pic and have a better look on the pc.