Thursday, 4 September 2014

Three days at home in Wales

We have just had three sunshiny and very happy days in Porthcawl, the town where I was born and lived till I left to become a nurse in 1960.
We stayed with my mother's cousin, so she is my first cousin once removed.
She lives in a small town 4 miles from Porthcawl.
When we were young we saw quite a bit of each other, as like me her mother had died when she was a baby, so she came a lot to our house; my gran was her aunty.
We spent a lot of these last few days remembering  of how things were when we were growing up.  I can remember when she said she could help me with my knitting and dropped stitches  so it went all holey and I went crying to my aunty who said.. don't be such a baby!! And started my knitting all over again!
She couldn't remember that,  but it must have been important to me.. she has planned a huge party in October when she will be 80.. so a great big family get together.
Of course we had to have a Sidoli's ice cream and it was lush.
Nell had some too.
Such happy times.. we spent an hour before we started the 223 miles drive home, sitting drinking coffee on the prom and looking at the sea, me dreaming of living back in Wales. But I probably never will, here is home now.



cucki said...

Oooo nice :)
Enjoy x

butterfly said...

Looks like you had a good time.

Jay said...

Sounds like a nice little break for you and the October party is something to look forward to.

Poppypatchwork said...

Did you get fish and chips at Beales, we were there in 2009, I love Porthcawl.

Annette-California said...

Very beautiful town where your from.
So glad you got to go back and visit. And sounds like you received another invitation to go back for the party:)
love Annette

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris

What a lovely post and the photo is just great.
Sounds like a lovely few days and catchup for you.

Have a good weekend (:

Caz said...

A lot of bloggers seem to be heading to Wales for a little holiday, as am I at the end of the month. Heading to Caenarfon (spelling?), and vemturing out each day. Like the look of the ice cream!

Vickie said...

Good for you. I love visiting with family.

Leslie: said...

Ah, how lovely! Next time, I will stop in and take a look at your "home" city. The photo makes it look so beautiful.

Frances said...

Looks like a lovely trip! I know you had a good time!

Julie said...

A lovely pic you shared Chris. It always amazes me the different things relatives remember and what we forget, sounds like you had a fun time.