Thursday, 3 April 2014

A yearning to be young and slim again???

Do you know what it's like to be over weight?
Do you look back at yourself and wonder why you didn't realise how slim and attractive you were when you were young?
I took it all for granted, it never entered my head that one day I wouldn't be as I was then!
Stupid or what.

I first started to put on weight in 1988 when I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland.. silly me I thought once I took the tablets to make up for the lack of thyroxin hormone my body would return to how it was!
No such thing.. I stayed the horrible weight I was, although my hair did stop falling out and returned to its shiny healthy look, but my weight didn't tumble down in fact it increased, with little or no effort I put on weight.

I was not one of those people who ate chocolates, or had two breakfasts or ate mid afternoon and then again in the evening. I didn't eat between meals in fact, as it was just after my divorce a lot of my meals were baked potatoes and salad, no spare cash for anything fancy. I knew where you could buy the cheapest sacks of potatoes,  as I had two of my grown up children with me. We got through a lot of potatoes!

So here I am today making a last stand to lose weight. I have gone back to the Slimming World group that advocates low fat food and plenty of fruit and veg..just as the Health minister has just advocated we should eat 7 pieces of veg and fruit a day.. I don't know if I could eat 7 but I certainly eat 4 or 5.

What about you? Have you like me yearned to be young again? I can't believe I am the age I am but the aches and pains that come with old age remind me each day when I get up!

If I lose weight I will say, or should I be more positive and say WHEN I lose weight, so watch this space and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.. it's a shame we can't stitch while running if we could I'd be slim!!  LOL
Oranges are my favourite breakfast, I could eat them all day!

If like me you are struggling to lose weight, do say we could do it together.


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

I have no wish to be younger again but would like to lose a bit of the weight which has crept on over the years. My sister & I were talking the other day about joining Slimming world, I might just do it now.

cucki said...

Sending you big hugs dear..
Enjoy the yummy oranges x

Vickie said...

Good for you Chris. I will cheer you on. It sounds like an excellent plan. And that IS a lot of fruits and vegetables! Wow!

Trace4J said...

You can do it.
If I can you can too.
It is hard. Ive been overweight since having babies. They are all gorwn now.
I lost almost 50 but gained 15 back this very long winter.
SO easy to put back on.
Getting ready to go away for my anniversary but getting back on track when I get home.
I am praying for you Chris.
And sending you a great big woolie hug :)

butterfly said...

Well done Chris for taking charge of your own body.
When I want to lose weight I just cut ever thing I eat in 1/2 I can't do diets not when my man eats like a horse. I get tempted but by just tasting a mouthful is enought for me , When they say no chocolates I will give in and eat a boxful but if I am not on a diet I would not even think of chocolates .
Age ! well I am 67 soon and can't think how I got there I only feel about 50 where did those years go ?
Just don't think about age if you are young in the mind your body will think the same. Have a happy day Chris.

Beth said...

I wouldn't mind being young again for a little while but there are many things i wouldn't want to live through again.
I never was really heavy, just about 20 lbs overweight. I lost that and more as I was getting ready to move. And then more weight when I had cancer surgery and radiation. It has about evened out now. I wish you the best in your endeavor to lose weight Chris!!

Christina said...

I am not too keen on being young again, I quite like where I am now. However, I would love to be a healthy weight. I have steadily put on weight over the years and am now so big that the largest size of my Washi Dress pattern is too small, at least around the hips. I was so exited to sew a dress but there seems little point! I am trying to loose enough to be able to make myself this dress. For starters. If I am doing ok, I will try to loose a bit more, maybe for the next size down, for next spring. Baby steps. Good luck with your weight loss, I'll be thinking of you as I try to loose weight, too. Cx

Katya said...

I would like to lose a couple of pounds... Over the past few years I have put on weight, then lost some of it - but not all - and now I am somewhere "in between", I guess, which means I still need to lose it, but it's not as much of a health risk any more.
I will be cheering you on! I am sure you can do it. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have the opposite problem! Stress makes me lose weight and my appetite too so I lose even more. Not good :-(

I think Butterfly is right, smaller portions are a good way forward. I eat whatever I want but my portions are always smaller than other people. I also eat slowly (because I'm always chatting!) so I feel full up on less food. And I rarely eat after 7pm.

Good Luck with the healthy-eating programme. And remember, cross stitch burns 86 calories per hour!

stitchersanon said...

I have a degree in Biology majoring in human health and nutrition. I have half a thyroid and am on Tamoixfen, a drug well known to put the pounds on...but I lost a stone in weight. Does this qualify me to help lol? I did the Slimming world and it diddnt help at all. I cver compensated by eating shed loads of fruit. At the end of hte day we should only be eating what our body uses: just one calorie over this and we put weight on.

I dont eat breakfast, I never did. Diets told me to so I did and I was still as hungry come lunch time and tea time. Not good.

In the end I stopped eating breakfast. I ate my main meal in the middle of the day, lunch time. I had a smaller plate, a small peice of meat, a fist fool of carbs (make your hand into a fist, that is how much) and I piled it up with whatever veg we had: cabbage, broccoli, carrots etc. Tea time was a sandwich and a yogurt and a peice of fruit before bed or a hard boiled egg. I didnt go without anything. If I made cake I used less sugar and would have a small peice with my meal in the middle of the day. I walked as much as I could and it fell off. Because my system is apparently still reovering from chemo I did have a vitamin tablet but I dont really feel I needed it. Hope this helps

Leslie: said...

I was finally able to lose 50 lbs several years ago and was able to keep it off until I broke my ankle. Then just sitting around cause the weight to creep back up. So here I am trying again! But the body is aching so much more nowadays so it'll be hard. Good luck to us both!

Kay said...

Good for you!! I would give myself an incentive, maybe every time you lose a certain amount of pounds then you are justified in buying a little stash as a well done present for yourself.

Denise SA said...

Sending you lots of positive thoughts wish there was a magic wand to wave I really need to lose weigh Awaiting the blog post when you say you have got to your goal.

Sara said...

Hi Chris,

I'm fighting the same battle with weight as well, although I'm not old (I'm only 28) on the past 5 years I slagged a lot in terms of my health due to sveral changes, I moved to a different country with my partner leaving all my family behind, I started working and my daily routine changed drastically as I started working from home and night-shifts (I work from 6.30pm to 9am)and my first apartment was really tiny as I couldn't afford anything better and it was a nightmare to cook as the kitchen was a tiny corridor and we could only cook one thing at a time (so lots of junk food or prepared meals instead)anyway withouth noticing I put on nearly 25Kgs witout realizing, so middle of last year I decided I really neede to do something to change now, as the longer I wait the harder it will be to get fit, and as I'm starting to plan on having kids I want to be healthy for them as well... so I'm definitely with you on this journey to tell you the truth March was actually a big struggle as there were three weeks were I didn't loose anything and on the last i actually gained some weight, so I decided April is going to be the "make it or break it" month and I'll do everything I can to loose the weight :)

Big hugs, and I'll be here cheering for you :)

Shelly said...

I found your blog and thought I'd be a follower because us ladies trying to lose weight need to stick together, right?! As soon as I turned 49, my weight went up steadily. I've never been slim, just 'pleasantly plump' as many have said. A year and a half ago, my gallbladder was removed and I made up for the diet of soup, crackers, bread, and yogurt that I was only able to eat before it was removed. I'm also going through an empty nest and have turned 50 not too long ago. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I have many aches and pains. Yes, I do miss my younger years when the weight rolled off easier, and wish I took better care of myself. Hindsight is 20/20!

aimee said...

Sometimes I yearn to be young again--but it's mainly because I miss my mom, and the more or less carefree days of my childhood. Of course, it was nice not to worry about what I ate then too:)
Now that I am middle aged I have come to the realization that I need to be proactive in health related matters---and that includes losing some weight too.
I wish you well on your weight loss journey Chris.

Kate said...

Good luck with your SW journey Chris - I've been following the plan for some time now.