Friday, 20 December 2013

Still busy and 4 days to go

I am still making things for Christmas..a cushion and scarf for my DD.
I made one like this for my friend, so I am getting quite good now at setting the blanket stitch on my machine.
The scarf is a simple 4 row pattern.
First and last three rows garter st.
Then the pattern is:-
Row1. k3,  (yon. k2tog)  repeat to last 3 st. k3
Row 2. K3 purl to last three k3
Row 3. k3 (k2tog yon) repeat to last 3 k3
Row 4. K3 purl to last three st. k3
Repeat to the length you want
Then the k 3 rows.
And this year I made all my friends a crochet snowflake
for their cards.
The snow flakes had glitter on them, (and so did  I have it on me and every where!!!)
But they can take the snowflake off the card and hang it on their trees.
And today is my birthday. I hate it so near Christmas it always I feel a nuisance for others!
But I always have lovely cards from everyone... so thank you to my all my friends and family.


butterfly said...

Happy birthday Chris , great stitching and knitting.

Caz said...

Happy Birthday Chris,,, love the cushion!!

Vickie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday friend!
You have made wonderful gifts!

Cath said...

Happy Birthday Chris , hope you've had a lovely day xxx

Julie said...

Happy birthday to you Chris, I hope you have had a wonderful day. The cushion is fabulous.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!

The cushion and scarf are beautiful!

Leslie: said...

What beautiful crafts you've made! Love the cushion - perfect to put out in springtime and the crochet snowflakes are gorgeous. We had snow through the night and until about noon, but now it's starting to melt. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Chris.

KimM said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it was lovely -
Best regards for a Happy Christmas -

Catherine said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!! Lovely projects!

Mii Stitch said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! Have a lovely day :) I LOVE the cushion finish!!!!

Kate said...

Belated Birthday wishes Chris hope you enjoyed your special day.
Love the cushion and how clever to be able to complete the buttonhole stitch on your machine - I have yet to master that.