Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Autumn harvest

Hello everyone of my faithful followers I really don't deserve your lovely comments for my last post. I should have ironed those cross stitch pieces but time races along... but here I have stepped off the whirly gig of life and taken a walk into my garden. We have a crab apple tree that provides this wonderful crab apple jelly and we make lots. The nasturtiums are flowers I never used to grow but when we moved back here 2 years ago, it was August. The garden was a mess after 4 years of tenants and as it was too late to plant any flowers, I went round and as we weeded and dug I popped in a nasturtium seed and of course they have supplied us with colour every since.
You can just see my little sewing bag there behind as this is the kitchen table and where I use my machine. The kitchen is big enough and DH is usually cooking while I sew. An arrangement that works well!!LOL
Happy days


Vickie said...

I love nasturtiums. And what I wouldn't give for anyone in this home to cook besides me!! ;)

Beth said...

Oh my that jelly looks good.
I love the arrangement you made with the nasturtiums. Lovely colors.

cucki said...

Aww yummy:)
Hugs x

Julie said...

Not had crabapple jelly for years....yum yum

butterfly said...

Lovely flowers and jelly make a colourful table.

Leslie: said...

If I close my eyes, I can just imagine you both in that cosy little (no! BIG) kitchen. I meant to put some nasturtiums in this summer, but had to do other flowers to go with daughter's wedding theme. Maybe next year.

Vickie said...

Hi Chris! I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Unfortunately, you somehow have become a "no-reply commenter" again. You need to go to your dashboard, on the far left where it says Chris' blogs and click on your picture to fix it, so I can reply to you again!!

Shirley said...

Good Morning Chris, Your flowers are so pretty on your table this morning. I wish someone would cook for me while I stitch. I am going to a craft show this weekend so I have been busy. I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your blog. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

aimee said...

Hi, Chris!
Thank you so much for your kind remarks on my blog! It is SO nice to meet a fellow believer!
Your crabapple jelly is beautiful (I clicked on it to see it even better) as are your flowers! I will SO miss the beauty of the autumn garden--both ours and the ones around me.
PS: LOVE the quote on your sidebar. Something to challenge me:)