Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A present and happy days indeedie!!

My GD is 19 this week so I thought  I would make her a little quilted fan bag and put in some nail polish and manicure bits, as a little present..... with a cheque from Grandma of course!
And it has arrived...I have the coffee coloured 28c Linen to start this lovely design from Cath
'There are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden'.
And because I have all the time in the world (erum!!) while I was looking for the above coffee coloured linen in that evil shop........these charts were calling me...A pretty little box, she said it was easier to make than it looked!
And I really wanted 'Dare to Dream' which was a dream catcher like this but I was outbid, so I bought this instead and I love it.
And because I was outbid on 'Dare to Dream' and I really wanted a Dream Catcher design I bid for this as well, in case I didn't get the one above and got it! So now I have two!

I saw this Celtic Lady 'Angel of  Light' and wanted it, although it took me an age to stitch 'Summer,'  this looked so pretty..and no one else wanted it so it was a bargain!
 And yes I bought a page out of a magazine, but didn't pay £4 for it,  only 90p with no charge for postage! I have the blue even weave 28c for this, so I consider it a real bargain as I don't have to buy the fabbie!LOL 
So not a mad New Year start with something new every day for 15 days,...... but a mad August of buying and wondering how on earth I am going to fit all this in, with the huge crochet blanket I am doing, 2 quilts to do, plus I have the wool to knit myself a big cardi, plus socks to knit for christmas pressies..but I only have 4 wips, so not so bad!!
. but I love all I do so I shall get going.. I think I will have to start Fairies right away!
Oh very, very Happy,  Happy Days!!!


Vickie said...

Yes, happy days! Your present for GD is lovely, I know I have one from you too!!

Jay said...

What a gorgeous present for GD, hope she loves it.

stitcheranon said...

Lovely pressie for GD: om are going to be very busy with all those lovely charts and kits!

Sue said...

Gosh Chris you are going to be so busy. Love the present for your GD can't believe that she'll be 19. Glad you managed to get the fairy chart and love the dream catchers...x

Leslie: said...

You will have lots to do once the rainy weather sets in. Those beautiful sets will keep you in a good mood! However, let's hope summer stays a while longer.

Lorne is home from the hospital and healing up, but we're awaiting the results of the pathology very anxiously. Thanks for your caring. XX

cucki said...

wow so cute..
enjoy.big hugs x

Caz said...

You will be busy!! Love the pressie for your GD.

Anonymous said...

A lovely present for your GD and great stash (:

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Love the Dream Catcher projects! I think I saw one of them at the store and really wanted it, too. ))
Happy stitching!

Cath said...

What a lovely gift for your GD
So , have you started it yet ? lol .

Lots of lovely stash to keep you busy .x

Beth said...

A lovely gift for your granddaughter.

Linda said...

Great new stash. Pretty gift for your GD.


Julie said...

Looks like you could do with an extra day in the week Chris, you've chosen some lovely things. Great gift for GD

Bernadett Rauski said...

Gorgeous treasures.:)

SoCal Debbie said...

Such a wonderful gift for your GD! All your new kits and charts look great! I have paid $8 for a page from a magazine before, but I really wanted it! LOL