Monday, 18 March 2013

All part of our holiday.

My DH had to see penguins. This was taken on a reserve during the day because you are not allowed to take any photos when they all arrive from the sea at night and waddle up to where they have their burrows. DH had paid extra for us to be in a small group with an individual person telling us about the penguins. We had front row seats when they emerged from the sea. They looked so funny, all waddling along at quite a pace and some a far way to go up the sand hills. It was late at night but there was low lighing along the wooden walk ways so you could see them quite clearly.
All the birds were beautiful.
This a rainbow lorrikeet, so pretty as are nearly all Australian birds but what a noise they make, unlike our UK birds that sing,  these squawk! Don't those figs look yummy!
This was in Hanhdorf, it was a super place where we stayed more like an apartment than a B&B
And I went back because I wanted to see my friend Jenny again. This is us in her garden.
Gosh I really do need to lose weight! My greatest failing is butter so I am going cold turkey and giving it up!

Chris xx


Caz said...

Looks fantastic,,, Penguins in Australia...... where did you go??

Kaisievic said...

The penguins are so cute. I remember being taken to see them down on Phillip Island when I was a child. Shivering in the sand dunes as we waited for them to waddle by.

Vickie said...

Another interesting post with great pictures. Do you really think you can just give butter up completely? Well, I hope that works out for you.

Beth said...

Awesome photos Chris. I love the colorful bird.

Barb said...

AWWW how sweet is that . Wondered where you had been as we missed you in the parlour. The pic of you and your friend is lovely ,such a happy pic.

Julie said...

What a vibrant coloured bird.

Annette-California said...

Oh how cute! I didn't know there were penguins in Australia. I enjoyed reading your posts on your blog. (I'm new so I had to get caught up.) And how nice to get to see a friend again:) love Annette

Fiona said...

Lovely photographs, the colours are so vibrant.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Of course there are penguins in Australia :D the only problem is you have to travel all the way down to Victoria to see them :D

It is interesting at sunset near the local shopping centres as all the lorikeets come home to nest. You can't hear yourself think.