Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A RAK for someone special

A little time before Christmas I decided to give a little some thing to Elisa, she was the very first and only person to write a comment on my blog for several weeks when  I first started.  So I made this Christmas pennie pocket, popped in some chocs and posted it.
It never got there!  I was so disappointed and checked several times with her incase it had taken its time in ths christmas post. But no it never arrived!
So I sent her another.
I actually made 14 because  I gave some to my sewing class members and our grand children.
Here are just a few. I loved making them and intend to make more in different colours for pencils and sewing bits when I turn our small bedroom into my own sewing room!

Happy stitching or sewing or what ever takes your fancy.


Giovanna said...

What a shame - such a pretty present. I hope the other one arrived ok.

Sue said...

What a shame the first one never got there, very pretty Chris. Glad you managed to get your photos sorted....x

Carol said...

Hope the second one arrived.
I sent a parcel to USA, didn't arrive. Grandson No. 1 posted a parcel to us just before Christmas, that hasn't arrived either.
I don't think either were incorrectly labelled or badly packed so all I can think is that during their journey someone took a fancy to them.
Carol xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The postman smelled the choccies and ate them!

They really are cute little pockets. Glad you sent another for Elisa.

Julie said...

Very lovely idea, such a shame the first one went AWOL, seems to be happening a lot with the postal service recently.

Fiona said...

These are so pretty and very pratical. What a pity your last one didn't get to its destination.

Stress Less said...

They are very cute!