Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Come and join 12friends

I have my own yahoo group, called 12friends2  and  it has been going since February 2003. Its a chit chat group for women and we love to hear about each other....our families, our grand children and what we do through our days and weeks. We have members in NZ, US, one in France and several in UK but it would be nice to have some new women in the group.
It would suit some one who likes to tell about their life and what they like to do..and who has the time to spare to post messages through the week.
So if you live alone, or has time in the day when you feel the need for company come and join us. The only rules we have are the usually ones, which good women would adhere to without being asked!

The button to join is on the side bar..
We cry with you in your sad times and we are always there..
But if you come and join us,  you will go to bed laughing at the silly things we do and say and wondering what next??
Chris xx

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