Monday, 5 March 2012

Stitching progress and a battle.....

Celtic Summer Lady
At last I have finished the green and gold part of the dress which completes the dress. Whew!I was beginning to think it would never be finished and for a while I didn't like stitching it as I had gone wrong and wanted to quit! But I bravely frogged a whole section and set off again and wow its done!
I have two more celtic ladies and I never thought I would say this but I think I would like to tackle them one day as well.
Still a lot to do and hundreds of beads to sew on, but that is for the next time I pick this up!
And my Rosewood Manor, Quakers and Quilts has also come out of my wip basket in February.
I was just going to stitch one section of the quilts but got carried away and did two!
The close up of this one shows the straight stitches in between the cross stitches. I haven't ever done this before and I was a bit wary but I like it and think it gives a very nice effect.

I am not too sure I am using the right colours for the back stitch motifs, because it doesn't really say what colour to use except for the outer square, anyway would it matter?
This month, March already, I will try to do just a little to these two and more on my Chatelaine which is waiting for its turn!  I haven't stitched as much in the evenings as I normally would do this last month, as I have had a to-do with my thyroxin dose tabs. It seems I was taking too low a dose but my Drs didn't let me know so consequently I have been sleeping early evening and all other horrible things have affected me,  my usually long nails have  flaked and peeled, I  have lost some hair and worse of all have put on a considerable amount of weight. Although I have now have the correct dose I am struggling to lose the extra weight, my nails are growing SLOWLY! and although my hair has stopped dropping out it is still lank. So I have not been my usual 'pollyanna' self. Still it could be worse so I am battling on. I have my wonderful DH who has been cooking the proper meals for me to lose this weight and he is very supportive in every way, so I can't ask for anything more.
The daffodils are flowering in the garden and we have our little veg. plot dug ready for planting! So in spite of everything our life is good!

Happy Stitching all, spring is here and the sun is shining

Chris xx


Giovanna said...

Your stitching is just lovely! I'm sorry to read about your health issues, and I hope things improve quickly.

Julie said...

Your lady looks super Chris.
I hope you are soon feeling much better.
Take care, love and a (big hug) x

Katya said...

Beautiful stitching on the Lady! I remember having to do some frogging on her when it came to the dress as well. She looks amazing.
Glad to hear things are getting better with your health, and hope things get back to normal soon.

Anonymous said...


Your lady looks lovely. I like the fabric your stitching it on.

Your Quaker and Quilts WIP is very pretty, the back stitch morifs are nice the way you stitched them.

Hope you feel better soon.

Leslie: said...

The Celtic Lady is looking beautiful & can hardly wait to see it all done. Sorry to hear about your health problems, but sounds like you're on the path to recovery. Take care,


Laurel's Quill said...

ahhhh...I hate it when I don't feel good, but you have enough issues to make my occasional indigestion a walk in the park. My daughter has thryroid issues too, and it plays havoc with her body when the dosage isn't right. i think good thoughts. Laurel

Melanie said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!

Veronica said...

Lovely WiPs. I really like the fabric you're stitching Summer on.

Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you feel better soon.


Diane (di) said...

Both of your pieces are just lovely. I can't wait to see Celtic Summer once you have done the beadwork... she's gorgeous Chris!

(hope you are feelin better soon!)

Elisa said...

Beautiful stitching Chris. I hope you start to feel better soon xx

Ziggyeor said...

Lovely job on the Celtic Lady. Good luck on the other seasons.
I hope you feel better soon.

MoonBeam said...

Both are truly beautiful.

Be well...


Carol said...

Hi Chris, sorry to read you haven't been too well lately. Hope now your tablets are sorted you will soon be feeling much better.
What a lovely DH, being so lovingly cared for will guarantee you will soon be back to your usual happy self.
Beautiful stitching, the Celtic Lady is stunning.
Carol xx

robindefender said...

Sorry you've been having a rough time with the meds.

Your Celtic maiden is looking gorgeous. And good for you for sticking through the frogs. It can really be hard to stick with a project when you have to take a massive step backwards, can't it? But that one is going to be so pretty that I'm sure it'll be worth it!

Unknown said...

Both your pieces are looking fantastic! Sorry you had some health issues, they are a real problem. Hope things turn around soon!

Kim said...

Lovely progress!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your Celtic lady is just gorgeous! The Rosewood Manor WIP is beautiful, too. I just love their designs. Sorry to hear about your health issues and hope you're back to your old self soon.

Unknown said...

I hope you will feel better soon.
I love your Celtic lady and the Rosewood Manor is also a great one.

Hugs Yvon.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you're back to normal soon and feeling better. Your DH sounds like a sweetie! Great stitching, too!

Mireille said...

I love the lady.
So special the quilt work.