Sunday, 12 February 2012

Winter flowers

Peeping through the snow our first snow drops.
We have others, but they were too far up the garden to photo, too cold to go out there.
I am willing this snow to go. Yesterday driving along the lanes to Herrongate the fields looked beautiful,  especially as the sun was shining, but all very deceitful as it is bitterly cold and as far as I am concerned it's warm socks, tea and buttered toasted fruit buns weather, with the heating turned up high.
Hope you stitchers are keeping warm and happily stitching.

Chris xx


Lesleyanne said...

Great photo of the snowdrops peeping through the snow. I quite agree with you like looking at the snow don't want to be in it.

Sarah said...

So fragile and beautiful. I love being holed up inside toasty warm in the snow

Solstitches said...

Brave little snowdrops. They are so pretty.
Now you have me longing for toasted hot cross buns. No such thing here unless I try to make my own.

Carol said...

Lovely photo. At last the snow is going and I'm hoping we will be able to go to Hodsock Priory tomorrow to see their snowdrops. This is an annual visit, I think we've been going for about 25 years.
Carol xx

Katya5 said...

Beautiful photograph, Chris.
Wish I could be where you are! I miss snow and cold weather. We are having a warm evening with 65 degrees at the lowest and in the 70s during the day. The grass is green, the birds are singing... Only the calendar says that it's winter.
Happy stitching! xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo. Snowdrops always amaze me - they look so fragile yet can withstand snow. Our snow has almost gone too.

Poppy said...

Beautiful picture, I love snowdrops!

Lou xxx

Wagapapa said...

You got a lovely stitching picture from Jo, but it's not from me... Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Catherine said...

Love the picture!

Julie said...

Lovely pic of you snowdrops.
Our snow finally melted Sunday with the rain that arrived, thank goodness.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a pretty sight. I hope you are keeping well, still reading your posts in my reader but apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!

Jackie said...

I love snow drops! Living in the warm south in the USA, I've never seen this flower in person before. I've seen photos on my European blog friends blogs and just fell in love with it!