Friday, 9 December 2011


If you're a regular blog reader then you'll have come across Gaynor's blog.. she is one young woman..

Having been diagosed with cancer a month or so ago, she is fighting with all her might but also always thinking of others.. She is starting up a help group where she lives in Ireland.

A very courageous young Mum..sorting out her Wips to take when she will be away from her family for radio therapy as it seems it is a 2 hour journey so she will have to stay there. But not to be down about that she is taking her stitching and also doing a givaway.

Do pop to her blog to take part ot just to read her story of her journey with this dreadful illness.
I am praying for you Gaynor every day.

Chris xx

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stitchersanon said...

Oh blimey, you made me cry! Honestly I am just doing what I have to. And I do that little bit more because of the wonderful support I am getting from friends on stitchy blogs and forums all over the world. Really as a crafty community you are all inspirational and all help me through the not so good days. And thank you xxxx