Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A RAK arrived!

Crystal in Canada was one of my RAK winners and on the 25th February she had Samuel.. I didn't know she was expecting, it was such a surprise as I have only been following her blog for a while. I had this wool and the pattern, which I had bought for a work  in school, whose scan according to them, was a boy. I think they were quite surprised when little Megan popped out! So I knitted a little pink cardi instead!
So when Crystal announced she had Sam I got knitting right away. The needle roll was a quick stitch as I had stitched one in a different colour a couple of years ago. It wasn't what I intended to do origially but I wanted Crystal to have the jumper as soon as possible.

It is not a baby first size as Sam was over 9 pounds born so I do hope it fits.
Love to you Crystal and Sam and all your family, I remember that your daughter is off on a trip, hope she is enjoying herself and you're not missing her too much.

Brought back lovely memories when I was knitting, as all my sons are very grown and tower over me and my DD has her own three children, all growning up very fast. I can't believe my GD will be 17 this summer.
I used to make all my childrens clothes and never stopped sewing and knitting... those were happy days.


Kathy A. said...

What a lovely lovely gift for a new little guy. Isn't it fun to make baby stuff for others. I like doing it too. All the fun and none of the work LOL.

amelia said...

That is a lovely sweater!! What a lucky mum and baby!!

I know what you mean about the time flying. My eldest GD is 25 and her son is coming up 2!!!!! I say the numbers but my head doesn't really believe it!!

Joysze said...

I saw your present on Crystal's blog last night. How absolutely sweet of you to have knitted this for Sam. He's going to look so cute in it. :D

Crystal said...

Thank you again, for the lovely package you sent, I will get a picture of Sam in his new sweater and post for you to see.

Karan said...

Fabulous RAK gifts you sent & I love the baby jumper, such a lovely mix of colours. Lucky recipient. :0)
Enjoyed my catch up & seeing the beautiful WIP's you have... won't leave it so long until my next visit now! :0)

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous jumper for the new baby. I'm sure he will look handsome in it.

Melanie said...

What a wonderful gift!!!

Enchanted Oak said...

Hi, Christine,
I popped over to say thank you for the beautiful comment you made on my blog yesterday. I will do as you suggest and wear my badge of honor with pride.
Blessings back at you.

Julie said...

Beautiful baby gift and needleroll