Saturday, 13 November 2010

From one house to the other!

We left my house in Billericay in Thursday's blustery winds and rain, a dreadful journey home with gusts of winds up to 60mph on the motorway, quite frightening.  At one point on the M1 a couple of apple trees on the embankment shed their apples in a whoosh of wind. They hit DH's car and spread across the carriageway. By the time I went past some were squashed but some were rolling all over the road. Quite amazing! We arrived home exhausted from the drive and I was really glad of an early night.

But before we left I had to go into my garden with my camera and here it is in the rain just before we left.
In the bottom left corner you can just see my water feature.'Gladys'. I bought her several years ago at the Garden's World show at the NEC, with money left me by my Aunty Gladys! The water comes out of a flower on her hat and runs round the brim to trickle off one side. I love her but quite a few people have been horrid and said they thought she was ugly, what a cheek!!  LOL  But to me she is beautiful. Verdigris bronze and cute!
And tucked away under an over grown bush was this.. a hellebore. This was given to me by Nicky a young teaching colleague for my 60th birthday, It has survived the four years of neglect! We did manage to plant some spring bulbs although the ground was very soggy and heavy. It is impossible to weed out the thick thatch of celandines and buttercup runners so come the spring I shall dig up any flowers that are there and pot them up and spray weed killer. It will be the only way to get rid of the worst of the weeds.
And... I needed some retail therapy and this beautiful jug was in one of the lovely nik-knack shops in  the High St.
And now its mine!

Hope you're all enjoying the milder weather we are having again. DH and  I have just planted some polyanthas in the front garden here to brighten it up.Can't let the garden go here and I do like things to look tidy.
Roll on spring!!! I can't wait to get my garden in Billericay full of flowers again.
Happy gardening and stitching!


amelia said...

Our yard is full of what you call weeds and I love them!! Especially dandelions. They are always the first flower up here in the spring and they give the bees their pollen when nothing else is blooming. I think a lot of the reason we have a problem with the bee population falling badly is the lack of these 'wildflowers' and the use of pesticides!!
Just my opinion of course!! :)

Always smiling said...

And of course you're right about the weeds and weed killer but I shall be replacing the buttercups with marigolds, love in the mist, forget me nots and loads more of the more common garden plants.
And lots of them!

Lesleyanne said...

Glad you had a safe journey. Your hellebores are gorgeous. Love your jug.

Karan said...

Glad you got home in one piece after such a horrendous journey. The garden is lovely & I'm sure it will soon be back to full beauty, once you've worked your wonders on it again. :0)

Claire said...

Pretty jug.

Hazel said...

Are you for hire?? My garden is a right mess! Glad you are safe from the gales. x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I like all your pictures Chris. Gladys looks a character and I love the hellebore, used to grow them in our gardens. That jug is pretty too. A

Julie said...

What a journey home!

Your garden at Billericay looks lovely, nice jug