Friday, 19 December 2008

Something easy!

I bought this in August 2006 at the Quilting Show at the NEC and because I am all up to date with other xstitch and needed something easy to do I have dug it out of my UFOs or could have been called abandoned projects! I had gone wrong and couldn't see how to progress without major frogging, but a time away gave me the answers. It called ' Cats, Cats, Cats.' What a surprise! Being on 14 aida it has given my eyes a treat and I am so enjying doing it, I have photographed it and posted it here so it will move me to do lots more over the Christmas time before I start new projects in the new year.
And I have met and completed all my November projects, 3 pifs, 3 christmas ornies and the Monthly Challenge!


Angela said...

Like yours my eyes really enjoy the rest they get when I work on 14count aida.

Cindy F. said...

This is tooo cute!! I'm doing the same thing, taking a break before New Years and working on something easy...only mine are chickens:)

Julie said...

Cute, i'll enjoy watching this one grow, i'm a big kitty fan!

The Button Witch said...

This is going to look great Ive just jioned Gaynors SAL so I will be stitching along with you too
Good Luck and Happy Stitching