Monday, 17 November 2008

ummm........ Smell that cake!

I have been feeding my Christmas cake and the smell is delicious! The little Santa will be set on the top in the middle once its iced! Today I used Crofts Original Sherry and I was very tempted to have a sip, but I am back on my strict food plan so I resisted, but omgosh it smelt wonderful.
I am into the Christmas mood now!!


stitchersanon said...

I can cook anything..absolutely anything perfectly...except fruit cake...
How do you get yours looking so nice!!! I have to feed mine with sherry just to hide the burnt taste of the top and rawness of the middle hehe. Now I buy un-iced cakes and pretend I made it...fooled my kids for two years so far!
Yours looks off to hide my little green monster!

Angela said...

I can smell it from here.

I've stopped making a traditional Xmas cake as it would still be here at Easter. I now make chocolate fruit cake which disappears very fast and doesn't need baking and feeding weeks before Christmas but I miss the traditional one.

Julie said...

YUMMY! looks good

Marian said...

That cake looks wonderful. I think I can smell it--or maybe it's the sherry.

There's a grocery nearby that stocks hard to find or European products. This reminds me that it's time to stock up on Twining's and other seasonal goodies.


Wendy said...

Hi Chris! Thanks for commenting on my Blog! Great to have new visitors!
I'm so jealous! I love Christmas cake, but as my familt do not like dried fruit I don't get one :-( Also I buy those sad little Christmas puddings for one too!!
I LOVE sherry :-) Yum! I would have caved in and had a teeny glass!